Warning: Eat These 9 “Healthy” Foods At Your Own Risk


Nutrition experts are warning than many food items that seem healthy are nothing more than a trap.

From cereals with added vitamins to sugar-free drinks, clever marketing and confusing food labelling can make it difficult to work out which foods are actually healthy and which are not.

If you’re aiming for a healthier diet, here are nine foods you should really try to avoid.

1. Multigrain Breakfast Cereals

Whenever you see a food labelled “multigrain” you should take a good look at the label. Multigrain does not mean whole grain, so you’re not going to get the amount of fiber you think you are.

Whenever you’re looking for a breakfast cereal, check the ingredients for excess sodium and sugar. Ideally, buy whole grain cereals that contain more fiber and no added sugar.

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