Top 21 Fitness Myths Debunked


While the internet has definitely helped people who are serious about their workouts and fitness regimens, it has also given birth to more fitness myths than you could count on the fingers of a hundred hands.

Today, we will be in the business of debunking these myths, or at least the 21 most commonly believed ones. You might be surprised at how common and widely believed they are. Who knows, maybe even you believe some of these.

So, without further ado…

1. Heavy Means Fat

No, we are not doing the whole Eric Cartman thing (I’m not fat, I’m big-boned). We are talking about the weight gain that most people who start doing weight training experience in the first phase. It goes without saying that this weight gain spins quite a large percentage of those people out of control. Unnecessarily so.

Namely, it is a perfectly natural thing to gain weight once you start weight training. The first reason is the water which is retained in the new muscle tissues you are growing. In addition to this, you will also start retaining water because of inflammation which is a common side-effect of commencing weight training.

In short, wait a few weeks, let your body really start melting fat and getting rid of all that excess water. You are not getting fat. Don’t despair.

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