The 5 Commandments Of Strength Training

It would seem that these days you can find an infinite number of tips, tricks and cheats when it comes to training, no matter how advanced you are. That said, it is important to note that, especially when it comes to strength training, it is paramount to know and respect some basic rules if you want the best possible results. All of these “commandments” are quite logical, but still very important to emphasize. If you can‘t remember them, print them out and put them on your training bag, just as a reminder of what you are working towards.


  1. Be As Efficient As Possible And Accept Innovation!

There is an ongoing myth that the longer you work out, the better the results will be. And yes, of course, if you want to see results, you definitely need to dedicate a lot of your time, energy and attention to strength training, but this doesn’t mean that doing an infinite number of reps in a workout will give you desired results. If you’ve set your bar high, then you must leave room for innovation. You can find all kinds of useful tools to maximize your effort. For example, kettle bells are excellent for perfecting the hip hinge and squats, while thick bars will immensely help with deadlifts. If you are looking to target your anterior chain, then definitely use ab wheels, they will make all the difference. Like with everything in life, always look for ways to improve your performance and don’t be afraid to leave behind what doesn’t serve you.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Lift!

There was a time when High Intensity Interval Training was the shrine of the gods for everyone that wanted to get somewhere with strength training. That time is long gone now and good riddance, as pushing your muscles to the vanishing point and then resting them won’t give you desired results. Instead, if you truly want to build your strength and stamina, you need to go all in, which means – heavy lifts with big weights that actually scare you a little when you look at them. Those weights that scare you, those are the ones you should work towards. Don’t forget that your whole body is affected by strength training, and don’t be afraid to lift.


  1. Of Course Nutrition Is Important!

You need to understand this – what you eat and your training ALWAYS go hand in hand and you won’t get good results unless you combine your efforts to eat well with your training regime. Fasting has become an ongoing trend in the past couple of years, although this is a practice that has been around as long as any form of religion. Not to get too philosophical, if you choose to fast, be aware of what you are getting yourself into. Also have in mind thatbreakfast remains your crucial meal and you should pack it with protein and fibers while you’re at it. Especially if you are training in the afternoon or at night, breakfast is a must-have so don’t avoid it, but make the best of it.


  1. Choose The Type Of Strength Training That Suits You The Most

There are numerous ways to get into strength training, and some of the most efficient ones are definitely O-weights, because it is easy to assess a good lift and it is quite straight forward. Deadlift is a go-to in your arsenal when you want to work on your powerlifting, not to mention that it is a foundation for building your strength. Another thing you can’t go wrong with are loaded carries. They redefine strength training all together, so don’t skip them. And last, but not least, always keep in mind that your body is a whole, so don’t strive to isolate muscle groups all the time, everything must be in unison for the strength training to give the best possible results.


  1. Speed And Agility Are Important

Not enough attention has been given to the fact how much of a game changer speed is in weight lifting. This doesn’t mean throw the weights around until you faint, but it does mean that moving faster will transparently show you how good of a weight lifter you truly are.

Bear in mind that strength training requires commitment that will somewhat rearrange other areas of your life, but when you think about it, this would happen with any other form of training as well, so go for it.

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