The 21 Commandments Of Leg Training



When you do an exercise, remember that every single detail counts. You may think that a workout is a workout, you strain your muscles and get a result and that’s it.

But it’s more complicated than that, especially if you want to get extraordinary results in terms of gain and definition. When it comes to leg training, mixing up your foot position is particularly important.

Most leg machines, such as hack squats, leg presses and horizontal sleds, have adjustable platforms that allow you to use a number of different foot positions, and you should definitely take advantage of that possibility. Experts say that the position of your feet during a workout – whether you place them high or low – makes a lot of difference.

Basically, if you place your feet lower, you engage your quads more than anything, while a higher position targets the glutes and the hamstrings. These muscles can’t really be isolated, of course, but different foot placement is one great way to increase the impact on them.

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