The 21 Commandments Of Leg Training


You all know the all adage; never skip leg day! Getting your legs big is probably the greatest task that any bodybuilder faces. It’s definitely an uphill battle. But if you want to do it the right way, here are the rules you need to live by.


The general rule of working out is to start the session with the most challenging exercise. It makes sense, when you think about it. You’re at the top of your strength when you begin the workout, your energy levels are at their highest and mentally you are still pretty enthusiastic.

There are two common mistakes people make when it comes to squats. First, they save it for the last, because they hate them and are trying to put them off for as long as possible. Second, they think that squats can be replaced by other types or exercise.

Skipping squats altogether and working super-hard on other leg exercises will not get you the same result as squats. There’s a reason they are the most important leg movements. Don’t be stupid, do your squats and do them as soon as you hit the gym. If you really hate them, try the variations – low bar squats and front squats.

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