Simple Ways To Lose Weight At Home


Health club memberships are expensive and often require a significant time commitment that busy folks struggle to keep. But just because your days are packed due to work, family and other obligations doesn’t mean you can’t make major strides to live better and eat healthier.

All it takes is an understanding of the little changes you need to make over time to achieve the desired results, and a solid game plan to execute those changes. Basically, it comes down to throwing out old, self-defeating habits while acquiring new, empowering ones.

So no matter if you live a city or country lifestyle, exercise regularly or are sedentary – there are a ton of helpful tips and tactics available to help you shed those excess pounds, right in your own home, and immediately start looking and feeling better. So lets check them out on the next page.

Drink More Water

Doctors and nutritionists have always advocated drinking water for weight management, but what’s the story behind it? Some studies suggest that because the additional water fills your stomach, you’re less likely to overeat. Others contend that appetite can actually be thirst in disguise, with your body “assuming” that you’ll drink with your meal. And then there’s the school of thought that posits a well-hydrated body has a far more efficient metabolism, which of course burns more calories.

Regardless of the actual scientific reasoning behind drinking more water, it’s universally accepted that one way or another, it definitely boosts weight loss. The usual recommendation is 8 ounce glasses per day, but even that old truism may be outdated.

It’s now commonly believed by health experts that a person should be drinking close to a gallon a day to fully optimize the weight loss benefits water provides.

But who wants to lug around a gallon jug all day? A better way to make sure you’re reaching your fluid intake goals is to buy a smaller, refillable bottle from the local market. Grab one that holds at least 32 ounces, then fill it up and drink it down two or three times a day. Toss a slice of lemon in for additional flavor if you want. And of course if you exercise regularly or live in a dry climate, your fluid demands will be greater.

As an added bonus, the increased water intake will prevent you from mindlessly sipping on sodas and other flavored beverages all day. After all, one of the cardinal rules of weight loss is “Don’t drink your calories!”

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