Juice Cleanses: 6 Myths Busted


2. Juice cleanses give you energy

After a few days on a cleanse, it’s common to experience a rush of energy that leaves you feel unusually vibrant, clear-headed and confident. This is held up by some as a sign of successful detoxification.

Most juice cleanses involve a drastically reduced calorie intake — sometimes 500 calories or less. Initially, your body responds by slowing down to conserve energy, making you feel fatigued.

This typically passes by the second or third day, when you may enjoy a surge in energy levels. The experience can be dramatic — but it’s not a sign of “detoxification.”

It’s due to a sharp rise in the levels of certain hormones, especially epinephrine. Left over from our hunter-gatherer ancestors, that surge of energy is your body’s way of urging you to go and find food.

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