Is It Safe For Teenagers To Work Out In The Gym?


There are some people who would go blue at the idea of their teenage son or daughter joining a gym and lifting heavy weights. They’ll say that it can cause muscle degeneration and prevent further growth and generally have a bad impact on a still-developing body. And indeed, these are fair points to be concerned about. In your teenage years, your body is ever-changing and growing into something completely different than what it was before and it’s common sense to just let these changes go by naturally and undisturbed.

There’s one important thing to consider here, though: our modern way of life. Most teens these days are not that physically active and a lot of them choose to leisurely spend their time next to a smartphone or tablet, in a lying or even worse, seated position. Whenever they’re not out getting wasted or having sex, teens are completely inactive and this is not a good thing.

Because of this, it might be a good idea for teenagers to hit the gym after all. However, teens, always be mindful that because your body is still in a state of transition, you’re much more likely to mess something up than an adult if you aren’t careful. In fact, some gyms have an age limit of 18 because of this very reason. Others are more lenient and allow minors from age 12 and above to join.

3One thing that is absolutely essential¬†before joining the gym in your teen years is a thorough physical checkup. Seriously, go to the doctor and check out if you’re 100% healthy. If you have a health condition that can affect your ability to workout, you have to be that much more careful about it. Another thing to consider is to never assume you’re doing an exercise correctly. There’s an instructor in every gym and their job is to supervise members to see if they’re doing the exercises properly. Keep in mind that there’s only so much the instructor can notice, so if you’re unsure about how to do a particular exercise, don’t be afraid to ask.

Finally, do not skip the warm-up. Ever. Take 10 to 15 minutes on the treadmill before your exercise to warm up and just as much for stretching and cooling down afterward. If you follow this advice, you’ll soon be sporting an envy-worthy body without any nasty injuries to show for it.

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