How To Prepare For Long Distance Cycling

Regarding edibles, you’ll want to pack plenty of snacks, including low-salt peanuts, trail mix, dried fruit, and fresh bananas, the latter of which contain potassium for preventing muscle cramps. Depending on your route, there may be stores or fruit stands along the way, so it’s always good to have some money on hand, just in case.


Any mechanical device with several moving parts has a tendency to break down, so it’s extremely important to pack some tools for your journey, namely a crescent wrench, a Philips and a flathead screwdriver, a set of Allen wrenches, some extra screws, a tire iron, and a tire repair kit. Next to food and water and your general health, the maintenance of your bicycle is the most crucial thing to consider when taking a long trip.

Other items to bring along include: sunscreen, medicated lip balm, an identification card, an insurance card, a major credit card, a spare tube, a bike pump, a disposable camera, and a sports drink.

Watch your head

And, of course, always be sure to wear a helmet, preferably one that meets Consumer Product Safety Commission standards.

Not only will a helmet offer you protection, it will help you set a good example for younger riders.

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