How To Improve Your Grip Strength


When people talk about getting stronger, one of the first things that come to mind is an image of a big guy deadlifting or bench-pressing some even bigger weights, seemingly without effort. That is the image of strength that people project, but one thing that no one sees is that in order to lift weights properly, you first have to be able to grip them properly. Grip strength is one of the most important things a bodybuilder can improve, as you really can’t do all that much in the gym without a good grip. Moreover, people associate a strong grip with a strong personality and a weak grip with someone who doesn’t have any real control over his life, so that’s always an added plus.

Grip strength is essential in preventing joint injury as well. Strong forearms will keep your wrists in place, so no matter how heavy the weight is, they will be able to hold out against it. A stronger grip will get you bigger lifts, especially in pulling movements such as rows, pull-ups and chin-ups. It will also give you better endurance. Remember that your body is a complex system which is only as strong as its weakest part. No matter how strong your back muscles are, you won’t be able to deadlift those 200 lbs for 12 reps if you can’t keep your hands around them by the 10th.

To get really strong in this department, you can try some of these exercises.


The Towel Pull-Up

The idea is simple: an ordinary pull-up, only the bar is much, much harder to grasp. Why? Well, because of the towel that you’re going to put on it. Pull yourself up and move your head to either side as you get close to the bar. Do this for three sets and perform each set to failure. Afterward, rest as much as you need.

Partial-Grip Pull-Up

Again, the same concept. You’re going to make the bar harder to grip by leaving your thumbs out of the grip. The thicker the bar is, the better. Again, perform 3 sets to failure, then rest as needed.

Farmer’s Walk

Take some heavy dumbbells (or kettlebells) in each hand and keeping your core tight, walk from one end of the gym to the other, then back. Repeat until you can no longer hold onto the weights. Do this three times and rest as needed.

Perform these twice to three times a week and we guarantee your grip strength will flourish, as well as your entire performance. Stay strong!

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