How To Be Safe While Exercising At Night

Safety precautions

Many people are injured or killed while exercising at night.   Simple safety precautions will prevent injury or death, and will not interfere in a person’s enjoyment.

Avoid becoming a statistic

To avoid becoming a statistic, anyone who wishes to be active outdoors at night must follow a few safety precautions.

Be visible!

Wear clothing that stands out.  Install reflectors, a headlight, and a taillight on your bicycle.  Wear reflective armbands or a safety vest.

Be vigilant!

Assume all drivers are “out to get you.”  Pedestrians:  use the sidewalks.  If there are no sidewalks, walk or run on the left side facing traffic.  Stay as far off of the travelled portion of the roadway as possible.  Follow all pedestrian crossing lights.  Yield to vehicles and assume drivers are unaware of your presence.  Bicyclists:  follow all traffic laws and assume drivers are unaware of your presence.

Follow traffic laws

People who choose to be active at night must follow simple rules to ensure they stay safe.  They must be visible, vigilant, and follow traffic laws.  By doing so, both pedestrians and bicyclists will stay safe while exercising at night.

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