Here Are Some Advanced Training Tips To Really Challenge Your Body


Okay, so you’ve been working out for a while now, you’ve got your technique down, you’re starting to pack on more weight and everything is going great.

You’re also comfortable with your routine and your gains are coming along just fine. Now, that might be a recipe for success the first three/four to five months of training, but after that, it’s more likely than not that your beginner’s routine will make you reach a plateau. That’s when it’s time to spice things up a bit and there are numerous ways to do this.

Working out is all about constantly challenging your body and giving it new things to do. This will make it react to the change and become stronger, more agile and more flexible. There are different strategies that can be used both alone and in combination with others to get you the best results that you can possibly get within your current limits. Here are some things you should try out.

Drop Sets

A drop set is when you do an exercise for a certain number of reps, work yourself to failure and then take some of the weight off and continue. It’s a great way to get that little extra out of your muscles. The more you work toward absolute failure, the more you will be able to push your limits.

Time Under Tension

Determining the volume of your exercise is best calculated with the number of reps you do. This isn’t the only way to exercise, though. Time under tension equals how long your muscle is strained. The longer the strain, the more your muscles have to work, so even if you do just a single rep, if you manage to stretch it out for 30 seconds, it’ll be a real challenge. Try it out!

Rest Pauses

Another ingenious way to increase volume, rest pauses are great when you want to push your body to its limits by breaking down one big set into several smaller sets, making it easier (still hard, but not impossible) to complete the set. Try to incorporate these into your routine and dice it up a bit. Stay strong!

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