Fat Burners And Why You Need Them Pt. 2

A couple of days ago we talked about the role fat burners play in body sculpting. There is still a lot to say, and in this second part we will focus more on specific fat burner supplements that are often discussed in fitness and bodybuilding circles. What follows are short reviews of five supplements that people most rave about. Keep in mind that the results vary significantly from one body to another, and naturally, results heavily depend on other aspects of your life such as proper nutrition and a regular exercise regime.

Shred Matrix by Muscle Pharm has made it to the top of our list for a number of reasons. As with every other supplement that is not completely natural, there are pros and cons to be considered when it comes to it.

One of the pros is that it has all of the fat burning nutrients such as green tea extract, cayenne pepper and caffeine. Another positive side to this supplement is that a part of the ingredient list are cognitive nutrients that can help with better focus and minimize mood changes that sometimes occur to people on a low calorie diet.

The truth is also that Shred Matrix has a lot of ingredients, which doesn’t bode that well in the sense that there are no exact proportions how much of what you’re actually ingesting. This can be problematic, because you can’t be sure just how effective this product is.

Shred GYM is also worth mentioning because it is quite popular, though the opinions about its effectiveness are divided. One great plus of this supplement is that it’s all natural, and you can see as much on the label where all the ingredients and measurements of them are clearly pointed out. Transparency when it comes to the ingredient list is very important, but what dampens the general good impression is the presence of synephrine, which has a wide array of side effects, including strong headaches. What Shred GYM also lacks is appetite suppressing ingredients, which are basically nonexistent in the supplement, save cayenne pepper, which is much better in creating thermogenesis.


Instant Knockout is the go-to supplement of MMA fighters and it’s actually gotten plenty of positive reviews from the fighters that use it just before fights. Its name is not in vain, since this fat burner supplement has a practically instantaneous effect, which is even more amazing considering the fact that it’s a completely natural supplement. What’s more, Instant Knockout has been clinically proven to be safe and effective, thanks to its pallet of natural ingredients such as green coffee bean, caffeine anhydrous, cayenne pepper, glucomannan and green tea extract all in one.

Even professional fighters rave about Instant Knockout, and its quality seems to be unprecedented. What is potentially problematic is the price range, though it’s not too bad, but you would have to spend $60 per month for this supplement, which is not cheap.

Epiq Ripped is another supplement with good reviews all around. It’s clinically proven to work and the list of natural ingredients is pretty impressive, but the problem here again arises with the proprietary blends, meaning that you can’t know how much of what exactly goes into the pills. You can read on the packaging that there is 200mg of green coffee bean and caffeine each, which ensures enough energy and thermogenesis even though you’re running on a low carb diet, but the amounts of all other ingredients aren’t disclosed, which makes the product not very trustworthy.

Ripped Freak has both an interesting name and ingredients that are slightly different from all the other mentioned fat burner supplements. A bonus of this supplement is the sweet red pepper extract that  provides the pills with capsicum, which does wonders for both thermogenesis and appetite suppression. The problem with this supplement that we can’t see the exact amounts of the ingredients, so the efficiency can’t quite be captured. Raspberry Ketones can be found in this supplement as well, which are proven not to work when it comes to fat loss. Also, unlike most supplements, that recommend 3-4 servings per day, Ripped Freak only prescribes one, which is not enough to save you from the energy crashes during the day.

Good luck and keep shredding!

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