Equipment You Need To Start Bicycle Commuting

Be visible

Since bikes are smaller vehicles, drivers may not be expecting you or may not be aware of you on the road, so it is important to be visible. Front and rear lights are necessary to make sure drivers are able to see you on the road. Even if you only plan to bike during the daylight, if something comes up at work and you have to stay late or if bad weather obscures the sun on your ride home, lights will help guide the way and ensure that you are seen.

Typically, white front lights and red rear lights are recommended.


Most bike commuters must store their bikes outside during the day and need a strong lock to deter would-be thieves. A thick metal U-lock is the best type of lock to prevent bike theft. Although U-locks are not infallible, they are extremely tough to cut through, and thieves may ignore bikes with U-locks in favor of easier targets. When purchasing a U-lock, it is best to choose the smallest lock possible, with just enough space to fit the frame of the bike around the bike rack.

If your bike has quick-release tires (this means they can be taken off easily without tools), purchase a U-lock that will fit both the frame and the back tire around the bike rack, and purchase a cable lock to loop through the front wheel and the U-lock for extra security.

Start riding

Commuting by bicycle is so rewarding—it is frugal, thrilling, healthy, and environmentally friendly. Luckily, it is simple to leave your car in the garage and start riding your bike to work. With just a bicycle, helmet, lights, and a lock, you can start reaping the benefits of bicycle commuting yourself.

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