20 Reasons Why You Should Stop Cardio Right Now!


2. Lack of Real Results 

Cardiovascular exercises mainly burn fat for fuel. Most people including those who are considered lean have plenty of stored fat. Our bodies are not forced to tap into stored glucose (muscle energy stores known as glycogen).This becomes a problem mainly because over time the body will be conditioned to burning the stored fat for fuel especially during exercises.

Therefore, dietary calories from carbohydrates, proteins and fat are partly shuttled to fat cells in order to help maintain the energy reserve. When the body is stimulated to burn fat for fuel, it will actually conserve the stored body fat in order to ensure that there is plenty of fat to burn when you are doing your cardio.

Cardio does not require much mental effort. In some cases, the machine is set up on auto pilot and you are left go on with the thoughtless and virtually meaningless movement. Such cardio exercises don’t require muscle awareness or real mental focus since it basically entails moving back and forth. Therefore, there is no motor planning taking place at all.

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