20 Reasons Why You Should Stop Cardio Right Now!


Cardio is short form for cardiovascular endurance training. This is the idea that you must raise your heart rate for long durations at least 20 minutes or more. It may entail running for miles, at least an hour long aerobics class or spending 30 minutes or more on the treadmill. However, this kind of exercise to exhaustion is not normal because it goes against how our bodies were built to move.

The human body is primarily designed for anaerobic metabolism and not aerobic. Aerobic metabolism is mainly a result of proper anaerobic exercise. Therefore, cardiovascular exercises are counterproductive and you may end up suffering and gaining weight in the long run since it may encourage retention of body fat.

There are several reasons why cardio fails. Understanding these reasons will help you adopt easier, fun, more effective and fun methods of burning fat, building and/or preserving lean muscle and most importantly maintaining good health.

1. Oxidative Stress

Cardio basically entails doing thousands of repetitions of a particular exercise. For instance, running or even long bursts of steady state high intensity cardio can cause repetitive stress and overuse injuries.

On the other hand, it may cause muscles to fall into a particular pattern of use depending on the type of cardio exercises. This is very common in people who want to lose weight or maintain weight loss.

You may actually feel good doing cardio for a while which is the main reason why many people find it hard to believe that it can cause strain, injury, damage and weight gain.

However, your body will eventually start wearing down. With each repetition you put all your weight on the joints performing the repetitive movements.

Additionally, forces from the ground or machine are also pushing back from underneath the foot. Eventually, this results to hundreds of pounds of pressure from both sides being applied to the joints over and over again. This is not healthy for your joints especially if you are not biomechanically efficient (it occurs through years of good training and genetics). Therefore, you will get injured in the long run.

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