6 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Get In Shape


Enlist the help of a friend. Get a jogging partner or sign up for a class with a buddy to create some accountability.

This is a great way to integrate your social life and perhaps try a sport that you have never done before.Having a partner helps you to stay on track and fosters healthy competition.

Promise yourself something that you’ve been putting off. Is there something that you’ve been wanting but can’t justify the cost? It could be a vacation, something for your home or maybe an expensive handbag.
Whatever it is, make it worth working for! Set a fitness goal that is realistic and achievable.

Help fund your goal by eliminating spending in other areas that may be holding you back health wise such as eating fast food, buying lunches or ordering take out.

Sign up for a limited time membership. A monthly gym membership is great for staying on track but it’s easy to fall off the wagon for several weeks at a time because you know the membership is always available to you.

Signing up for a six week membership or class will force you to get your money’s worth in a defined period of time. Skipping a week will cause you to fall behind, and chances are you won’t be able to make up for missed classes.

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