6 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Get In Shape


Integrating physical activity into a busy schedule is a challenge for most people. Our lives are full of obligations that require our time and energy, but finding time to be active is rewarding both physically and mentally.

The key to creating positive habits is to find a routine that you can imagine yourself doing long term. The best way to create a healthy habit is to start with a short term goal.

Here are some tips to create positive change in your life, get off the couch and integrate physical activities into your everyday life:

Sign up for a charity run/walk. Committing to a worthy cause creates a meaningful goal and allows you to enlist the support of your peers.

Not only will you have the satisfaction of getting into better shape as you prepare, but you can also raise money and awareness for your charity of choice. Running and walking are great activities that can be done all year round. They do not require expensive equipment and can fit into any schedule.

Book a vacation. Setting a deadline and rewarding yourself with an escape to somewhere beautiful should put an extra bounce in your step as you head to the gym to get in shape.

The anticipation of taking a break from your usual routine to spend quality time with family or friends will keep you focused and working towards your fitness goal.

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