6 Running Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you have been running ten miles every day for the last three months and the only results of your effort are calluses, a sprained ankle, and tightness in your back, chances are that you are making one of the six most common running mistakes.

Yes, it is possible to make running mistakes. After all, running is simply another type of exercise that you need to do the right way in order to reap the benefits without experiencing the drawbacks.

But, what exactly are you doing wrong?

1.You Are Not Prepping Right

For some reason, there are still people who think they can just put on their running clothes and go at it. They do not warm up and they do not stretch before they start running. This is one of the worst things a runner can do. First of all, if you don’t warm up, your muscles will lack the oxygenated blood they require when you pick up the pace, which can cause cramps. Without stretching properly, you increase the risk of injury and feeling sore afterward.

2.Your Legs Are Doing It Wrong

Most of us run the way we learned to run when we were children. Unfortunately, over the years, we all get heavier, our bones get harder and our bodies become clumsier. Also, when you are an adult, striking the surface with your heels first actually causes injury. Your strides should be landing on the midsole and not your heel.

Additionally, you should be using your force to propel yourself forward and not up. Most experts agree that you should never be more than an inch or so off the ground. Anything more than that is called trampoline style running.

Some people also insist on runs that are far too long for them. For some reason, they think that going on these extra-long runs will be more efficient. In reality, the opposite is true. Shorter runs help you keep a steady pace and conserve much of your energy.

3.Your Arms Are Doing it Wrong

Using one’s arms in the right way is just as important as using one’s legs and you wouldn’t believe how many things you can do wrong here. For example, you may be one of those people who swing their arms across their chest when they run. Besides looking bad, this is also a huge waste of your energy. In addition to this, it leads to poor posture and also impedes correct breathing. You will also want to refrain from extending your arms downward when running as it increases drag and slows you down.

You should also refrain from carrying things in your hands while running, as it throws off your balance and causes your entire body to have to compensate for it.

Your arms need to be in line with your shoulder joints, bent at a 90-degree angle and in synch with your legs, left arm going forward with the right leg and vice versa.

4.Your Equipment Sucks

We are not saying you should spend a thousand bucks on your running equipment, but you shouldn’t go out for a run in your high school Chuck Taylors either. Get yourself a decent pair of running shoes. These days, the choice is pretty much unlimited and manufacturers cater to all kinds of runners. Also, make sure your shirt lets you breathe.

5.You Care Only About The Miles

‘I did an X amount of miles in a Y amount of minutes. I ran this marathon, I ran that.’ This is perfectly understandable. People like to accomplish things and running a certain number of miles in a certain amount of time feels like an accomplishment. One thing that does not feel like an accomplishment is discovering that your joints are all but demolished after a few months of such running.

6.You Don’t Listen To Your Body

The human body is a spectacular machine that also features some truly amazing safety features. When it is being pushed too far, it responds with pain and soreness. Ignoring these signals is not a good idea. If you feel like you need rest, you need rest. Rest. If you feel like you should slow down, you need to slow down. Slow down.

You get the picture.

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