5 Most Common Deadlift Mistakes


Performing the deadlift is no small thing – it’s an exercise that requires your full concentration, the proper technique, and primarily, an incredible amount of strength. The strongest man in recorded history, Bill Kazmaier, said that “strong back equals a strong man.” And there’s no better way to build a strong back than performing the deadlift. Unfortunately, many people still don’t know how to do it properly, so let’s see why – here’re 5 most common deadlift mistakes:

You’re deadlifting, not squatting

Do not, we repeat, do not attempt to start your deadlifts in a full squatting position. The barbell might end up too far in front of your body, thus putting you in a significantly weaker position. It might also damage your back, and without your back, you can’t deadlift, simple. Your hips should always be higher, closer to a half squat position, and make sure your shoulder blades are over the barbell at the start.

Close the gap between your feet

Many people nowadays get into a starting position with their feet separated like they’re cowboys. Unless you weigh like a pair of baby elephants and have difficulties with tying your shoelaces because of your belly, it’s pretty likely you don’t need your feet twelve inches wider than your shoulder width. The ideal position to begin with is the stance you would get into in order to do a vertical jump.

Don’t curl the damn weight!

You’ve probably had a chance to hear that curling while lifting gives you an extra edge and amounts to more strength, but that’s just bollocks – stick to what thousands of people have done before you, you’re not inventing hot water here! We’ve seen hundreds of bicep tears due to bending, and curls won’t help you; in fact, they will greatly increase the chance of injury.

You’re wearing gloves

You are not Johnny Cage, and those gloves don’t make you look cooler, and they certainly don’t help your performance. In fact, they rob you of callous formation and make the bar thicker, and thus harder to grip. Moreover, you can’t possibly know where the barbell is in relation to your body with gloves on, and this is a huge handicap when deadlifting.

You haven’t warmed-up properly

We know that warming-up is a pain in the backside sometimes, but you can’t really do anything without the proper preparation. When it comes to warming up for deadlifting, there’s a golden rule – nothing beats preparing for heavy weights with lighter weights.

And just in case you need a big, bearded dude to tell you all this again, here’s a video that does just that:

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