4 Great Exercises For Back Muscles


Despite popular belief, pull-downs aren’t that good for back mass, and they really don’t kick as much ass as everyone thinks. Every single one of the following exercises will build more back muscle than the ever-popular cable pull-downs.

The Deadlift
Although it’s not an exercise built specifically for legs or the lower back, it’s the #1 exercise if your plan is to build overall strength and mass. Pretty much every muscle group on your back will be working separately with this simple exercise, and performing heavy deadlifts will make your body produce more growth hormone and testosterone because of all the stress you are withstanding.

Pull-ups are the alpha and the omega of building muscle mass. You’ve probably seen people lifting incredible amounts of pounds with dumbbells or doing countless reps of pull-downs but still being unable to perform more than 5 pull-ups. This is because pull-ups are the ultimate bodybuilding exercise, and in order to perform them you need to have a huge amount of strength.

Barbell rows
Once you’re done with your pull-ups, it’s time to strengthen your back muscles. The benefits of doing barbell rows are numerous, and you will develop a “V” shaped body in no time.

Dumbbell rows
This is a simple one-hand variation of the barbell row. They greatly enhance the speed at which you build your back muscle mass, and they also help with developing your rear shoulders and arms.

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