3 Surprising Sports That Help Burn More Calories


Getting into shape or losing weight is all about creating a calorie deficit. This means that during the day you must burn more calories than you consume, forcing your body to burn some of its stores for fuel.

You might do this by eating less but most people find that a good combination of diet and exercise is the best way to drop the peskiest poundage.

You could burn calories by hitting the treadmill, running sprints or lifting heavy weights. Things like yoga and kickboxing are also known to work your body hard and these will certainly help.

There are three other sports though, that allow you to burn calories without feeling like you’re working too hard.

1. Walking a golf course to burn 1000 calories

Did you know that a 220-pound man walking an 18-hole golf course will burn almost 1500 calories on average? Most people are surprised to learn this and many will react with incredulity when they stumble upon this fact. It makes sense though, if you really think about what goes into walking a golf course.

You are essentially hiking for six or seven miles with a 20-pound sack on your back. More than that, you will pick up that 20-pound sack 50 or 60 times during the course of a round. Most golf courses have elevation changes so you will spend at least some of your time walking uphill.

The act of swinging a golf club burns a number of calories, especially if you are a high-effort player. Taking into account practice swings, you might go through more than 200 swinging motions during the course of a round.

When you add this to all of the lunging and leaning you will do, it is easy to see how golf can burn so many calories. It is four good hours of exercise yet you won’t feel like you’ve just pushed your heart to the limit.

If you can afford the expense, walking a golf course is a great idea. If your back isn’t strong enough to carry clubs then you can reap some benefits by using a push card.

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