21 Best Protein Shake Recipes


There’s nothing better than a healthy protein shake to kick-start your workout.

It gives you the energy you need to crush your training, and on top of that, protein shakes can be downright delicious as well as super healthy.

Here are some fantastic recipes that can spice up and step up your protein shake game.


Sometimes your protein shake needs that extra kick that will help you jump-start the day. Protein by itself is a powerful instrument for energizing yourself in the morning, but sometimes it’s not enough and you have to add a bit of caffeine to truly wake up.

This recipe is basically protein-enhanced coffee. It’s better than just your regular protein shake because it contains caffeine as a powerful booster, and it’s also better than your regular cup of coffee because, well, it contains precious protein.

To make this protein shake, simply take one cup of fresh, hot coffee, two tablespoons of honey and one scoop of whey protein. For more deliciousness, make it chocolate-flavored whey powder. Just place the ingredients in a blender and you got yourself a perfect little morning drink that can replace both your breakfast and your morning coffee, which is particularly handy when you’re in a rush.

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