21 Best Arm Exercises For Men


We all know that having strong arms has always been the key (or, at least, one of them) to a woman’s heart. Unfortunately, they won’t come on their own. You need to sweat and work really hard in order to shape your muscles and make them grow properly.

Performing the right exercises is one of the most important factors, besides proper nutrition and routine. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best 21 exercises that will give you ripped arms in a jiffy, so let’s see which ones made the cut:

1. Hammer Curls

Two of the most common benefits people experience when doing hammer-style dumbbell curls are building bigger biceps and having a much better grip. It’s common knowledge that curls are ideal for training your biceps whereas the hammer curl in particular trains other areas of your arm as well. In order to perform dumbbell hammer curls, you just need the basic knowledge of how your arms move and a little bit of warming up.

The biceps is a muscle that runs across the front of your upper arm. It is the biggest muscle trained when you perform dumbbell hammer curls; however, your brachioradialis will do a lot of work, too – it is a muscle that goes from your wrist, across the elbow and into your upper arm bone. The rotating movement that your hands perform allows the brachioradialis to give a somewhat bigger contribution to the upward motion of the curl, even though it is smaller than your biceps.

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