20 Foods That Can Boost Your Testosterone Levels


2. Chocolate

Of course, saying that chocolate can boost your testosterone levels does not mean that you should be eating chocolate cake and cookies all day. When we say that chocolate can be very effective in boosting testosterone levels, we are talking about raw chocolate.

Raw chocolate contains some of the ingredients that the body needs most when it comes to creating more testosterone. Some of these things include calcium, zinc, magnesium and arginine among others. Other than that, raw chocolate is also create for increasing and improving your blood flow, and it is highly recommended for people who have problems with clogged arteries. However, it should be noted that you are probably going to have to go to a special health foods store in order to buy real, raw chocolate.

The dark chocolate that a lot of stores and supermarkets sell is not what we are talking about – while that type of chocolate can be a healthy option if you have a craving for sweets, it’s definitely not as effective as real raw chocolate is for producing testosterone.

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