15 Ways To Exercise When You Have No Time To Work Out


4. Play with the kids after dinner. Enjoy a quick game of basketball, a pickup baseball game or just some tag.

5. Keep a few dumbbells around the house and use them while you go about your business. You can tone your arms and upper body while you work around the house.

6. Take a power walk around the block while you wait for the kids to get out of school. Take a jog around the soccer field when you pick them up from practice.

7. Encourage the family to visit a local trail this weekend. You can enjoy the beauty of nature while getting a great workout. If you are pressed for time, try a quick walk around the neighborhood instead.

8. Walk the halls while waiting for your doctor’s appointment. Doctors are notoriously late, and those crowded waiting rooms can be a breeding ground for germs. Ask the receptionist how long it should be – then take a quick walk around the building.

9. Consider walking or biking to work once or twice a week. If you live close by, walking or biking to work is a great way to incorporate exercise into your everyday routine.

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