Your Complete Guide To Whey Protein – Part 3


Whey protein is definitely one of the most widely used supplements in the fitness community, and with good reason – its positive effects cannot be stressed enough.

In the third part of our four-article series about whey protein, we’ll discuss in more detail what the effects of whey are on your body and metabolism, what other protein sources you should use with whey and what the top 5 whey protein powders on the market are.

For starters, knowing what foods contain whey protein will help you organize your nutrition program better. Naturally, most dairy products are great sources of whey. Obviously, you will find whey in milk and in all of its products such as cheese, yoghurt, and butter. If you are wondering what whey looks like in its natural form, take a look at that liquid on top of your next yoghurt serving – yes, that is whey.

You can find small portions of whey in the form of emulsifiers in many kinds of baked products, as well as in some salad dressings and even ice cream mixes. Whey is used in these kinds of products and in some baby formulas or even soups to make the products more soluble and creamier.

The truth is, however, that you won’t get the needed amount of whey protein by consuming these products, which is why it’s necessary for all Fitness Vikings to ingest whey protein in its concentrated powder variation to get the maximum results.

There are other kinds of protein that can replace whey or can be a good addition if you’re already using whey and you want some extra kick.


Casein, which can also be found in milk, is similar to whey when it comes to efficiency. Just like whey, casein offers the full nine amino acids treatment. The only difference is that casein is digested more slowly than whey, which is why this protein is often considered better for building muscles than whey. Casein has amazing effects if you consume it before going to bed every night while you should take in whey after your workout. Another advantage of casein is that consuming this protein will help you stay full longer, which is a great plus if you’re trying to shed some pounds. When it comes to comparing whey with casein, numerous studies have shown that whey is more beneficial for you in the long run, but if you are looking for both muscle gain and definition, then combining these two proteins will work like a charm.

Another protein source definitely worth mentioning is soy protein. Again, this protein is excellent for your amino acid pool and you can digest it faster than whey. Unlike casein, however, soy protein doesn’t come with the same benefits as whey. While soy protein goes through our system faster, it doesn’t give us all the goodies that whey offers, which is why whey is considered better for both weight loss and building your muscles than soy protein.

As for the direct effects that whey has on your body, there are a few points worth mentioning. First, it has been proven through extensive research, which focused on professional athletes who used whey, that this protein supports and augments both muscle gain and strength, which is the most important combo for successful athletic performance.

Second, our immune systems work on amino acids (among other things), which means that regularly using a supplement that boosts your immunity lowers the risk of developing various illnesses. When you’re training hard, your immune system is under stress, meaning that your overall well-being can suffer. While whey protein isn’t a game changer in balancing your immune system, it can help thanks to amino acids.

Finally, whey protein is a great source of glutamine, which helps to keep your digestion, as well as your intestines, in good health even when exposed to great stress such as constant exercising.

As an overall conclusion of this article, we offer you the current top five whey protein powders you can find on the market:

  1. DYMATIZE – ISO-100
  2. OPTIMUM NUTRITION – 100% Whey Gold Standard
  3. MUSCLETECH – Nitro-Tech
  4. ALLMAX – AllWhey-Classic
  5. BPI SPORTS – Best Protein
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