Work Out Harder Than Ever With This Motivational Playlist


Listening to music in the gym is definitely not a new concept, as it motivates us to work harder in many different ways; according to certain studies, music takes our attention away from the pain and puts us in “the zone.” Moreover, it makes us follow the rhythm.

Or rather, take the rhythm of the song and use it to keep a steady pace when lifting those weights. Listening to music you love also raises the levels of the feel-good hormone endorphin, which can additionally help you put in more effort and perform more efficiently. Some songs are better than others, of course, and we’ve put together a specific list of songs you’ve got to check out when pumping those weights.

This playlist consists of groovy upbeat hip hop songs guaranteed to give you a significant performance boost. Expect a new playlist from a different genre next week. Stay strong, Vikings!

  1. Rob Bailey – Hungry
  2. Tech N9ne – The Beast
  3. Bad Meets Evil – Above the Law
  4. DMX & Eminem – Go to Sleep
  5. Xzibit – Best of Things
  6. Roy Jones Jr. – Go Hard or Go Home
  7. Dj Tomekk feat Sandra Nasic – Beat of Life
  8. Rick Ross – Speeding
  9. Rob Bailey – Try ‘N Hold Me Back
  10. Eminem – Till I Collapse
  11. Chaundon – The Greatest Warrior
  12. Rob Bailey – Hold Strong
  13. Hollywood Undead – Undead
  14. 2Pac – California Love
  15. 2Pac – Hit ‘Em Up
  16. Kayne West – Power
  17. Fort Minor – High Road
  18. Eminem ft. D-12 – Fight Music
  19. Kanye West – Stronger

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