Want Ripped Abs? 20 Tips You Must Read


You can’t go on a carb-free diet, no matter how much you want to as carbohydrates may constitute one of the major parts of your diet. Instead of completely eliminating carbs from your diet, you can choose some of the alternatives to carbohydrates such as low-carb bread, shellfish, meats, fish, and eggs, vegetables, coconut oil, low carb cheese, and many others.

In addition to their low carbohydrates content, these alternative foods are energy packed and nutritious. Some of them can boost your health and prevent some diseases.

For instance, coconut oil is known for its medicinal properties. Getting carbs off your diet will bring you a long way, in getting to great shape, but you do not want to feel cranky. These alternatives can help you handle this with no problems.

2. Find the Best Program to Lose Fat

No matter the temptation to start working your abs, it is not the best thing to start with.

You can do many crunches and workouts, you can do them from morning till sunset, but if you still carry those fats in your body, the abdominal muscles will remain hidden beneath them. You should start by burning the fat around your abs.

There are many exercises for this and there is a variety of foods that can help you burn them even faster. It may also be time you stoppedeating dietary fat, or you can limit it to few grams in every meal.

Fats that are absolved from healthy sources such as flaxseed oil, fatty fish, nuts, olive oil, and flax seeds are most recommended. A long-term diet should consists of an intake of a minimum 15% calories, but you should aim at consuming lower amounts, just for the purpose of getting ripped.

Whole grains are ideal for burning fat as the body will burn twice the calories in breaking them down. Some of these whole grains that you may want to try are brown rice and oatmeal.

Protein is one of the foods with a high thermogenic effect and it is known to burn up to 30% of calories in the food while it is digested. You may also consider low fat dietary products that are rich in vitamin D and calcium and that help boost metabolism such as green tea.

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