Walking – The Ultimate Weight Loss Workout

Walking Burns Calories

Walking isn’t as intense as other vigorous cardio workouts, but it still causes a continual calorie burn. If you walk for a few hours, you can burn a good amount of calories – whereas if you were performing a more intense workout, it would be impossible to exercise for such a long duration.

A Social Activity

Walking is a popular hobby, so you can easily find other people to go with you. Perhaps your family or friends would like to walk with you, or you could join a walking group who regularly organize walks in interesting places.

Increases Your Metabolism

The continual activity created by walking means you are constantly burning additional calories over a long period of time. This gives a reasonable boost to your metabolism, especially if you’re used to a more sedentary lifestyle.

Progressive Exercise

Walking is possible for anyone who wishes to lose weight. But it’s also a stepping stone to more intense workouts, which you may like to try as you become fitter. You could always take up jogging, in addition to your walking, once you feel up to it.
If you’re looking for a free, easy workout – then walking is definitely for you. It offers many health benefits, and anyone can do it, which makes it one of the best workouts you can do if your goal is to lose weight.

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