Try This Proven Weight-Training Routine For Incredible Gains


The German Volume Training or GVT method was made famous by German weight training coach Rolf Feser. Feser used this technique as an off-season method with two goals in mind: to build muscle mass and burn excess body fat. Rumor has it that the GVT method was so effective that people who used it managed to move up a weight class in only 12 weeks.

The magazine Muscle Media 2000 first featured an article on GVT by Charles Poliquin, a Canadian strength coach. Jacques Demers, a lifter for team Canada, said that his incredible leg size was due to using the GVT method. Bev Francis also claimed that she used German Volume Training when she first started to lift and that she loved it. The fundamental principles of German Volume Training are:

Effective Exercise Choices

This is where it all starts. Choosing the most effective exercises (often the hardest) means going for the biggest compound movements instead of a less taxing compound exercise.

Sets And Reps

All exercises are performed for 10 sets of 10 reps.


Rests are kept to a strict 90 seconds between each of the sets.


Tempo is also very important here. Charles Poliquin recommends you use a specific tempo depending on the type of lift. For long range movements like dips, pull-ups or squats, go for a 4 second negative. Shorter range movements should go with a 3 second negative.

Antagonistic Muscle Groups

It’s very important to train antagonistic muscle groups in order to maintain muscle balance. If you train your chest, train your back just as hard. If you train your biceps, work your triceps just as hard. Muscle balance is extremely important for strength gains and preventing injury.

Weight Addition

Adding weight is necessary for improving your gains and not staying in place. However, if you’re sticking to this method, do not do it until you can perform 10 sets of 10 reps WITHOUT working to failure.

Beginning Weight

You should start with about 60% of your one rep max or the weight in which the maximum you could do is 20 reps in a single set.

Accessory Exercises

In addition to doing 10×10 sets, you can do three sets for 10-20 reps of a less challenging exercise, or simply use less weight.


Each muscle group should be trained every four to five days, not more often than that. Doing this gives your muscles ample time to recover.

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