Try This Fat-Burning Routine That Takes Only A Couple Of Minutes


Have you ever had a chance to try the 10-20-30 workout? It’s not something that was invented recently, but people forgot about it somewhere along the line.

Well, now it’s back in focus again, and it’s phenomenal. The numbers refer to the time spent on doing your excercise in set paces. You hate the treadmill? So do we! Try this method, it’s sure to give satisfying results. Make sure to warm up first – start with a 5-minute light jog. Then proceed with 4 rounds of the following structure:

30 seconds of light running (about 5 mph). Then proceed with 20 seconds of fast but steady running at about 8 mph. Once 20 seconds have passed, proceed to a full sprinting tempo for 10 seconds. Think of it as the final push before crossing the finish line in a very important race. Good recovery is vital, so make sure you have at least a full minute of rest, just don’t stand still. Either make a fast walk or a light jog. Once you are finished, end with a 5-minute light jog.

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