Tried And Trusted Supplements To Aid Weight Loss

Supplements that suppress your appetite

This is slightly different from helping you feel fuller for longer. These supplements will simply make you not feel hungry for a time.

The most effective of these is a supplement called ephedrine, which is why it was very popular for dieting a few years ago. However, ephedrine also can be used as an ingredient to make methamphetamine,  and as a result it has been largely made illegal to sell directly in the US.

Also, if taken irresponsibly it can be dangerous. However, ephedrine is still available as a main ingredient of some over-the-counter asthma medications.

Luckily, there are other interesting supplements that can also help suppress appetite.

One in particular is alpha-lipoic acid (called a fatty acid), which has shown promise in many animal trials, and is beginning to show similar promise in human trials.

Another appetite suppressing compound is caralluma fimbriata, which has been documented historically to have been a famine food: A vegetable eaten when there was a shortage of food, that would help hunger pangs feel less painful.

In addition to this historical evidence, human trials have begun to show its benefit for suppressing hunger as well.

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