Tips For Doing Proper Pull Ups

Pull ups are one of those exercises that many people perform on a regular basis, and the reason is simple – if done properly, they work. Your back and shoulders can benefit significantly from pull ups, but there are things to keep in mind when it comes to performing them.

First, always bear in mind that a pull up is a gymnastic movement, which says a lot about the exercise. You shouldn’t take this exercise lightly because if you slack and lose your form, you can get hurt.

Here are the best tips for working on your pull ups and making them as close to perfection as possible.

If you’ve tried to do pull ups and failed miserably or you just can’t seem to get them quite right, the main problem is probably your strength. If you are more or less new to the practice, then you’ll definitely need some preparation, and the best way to go around it is to focus on one segment at a time.Strength is a good place to start as it is usually everyone’s sore spot.

If you want to put a task in front of yourself, then try climbing a rope first. This is one of the best exercises for working on your pulling muscles. Rope climbing seems simple enough and not too challenging, but just you wait when you find yourself somewhere in the middle of the rope’s length. When your whole body starts getting tired, you’ll understand very quickly all the ways you’re working you muscles. You need to be able to hold on, as well as pull up the rope, and remember to keep your legs engaged to give you support and a chance to rest if the need arises.

The so-called deadhang is the starting position for most pull up variations, so you need to do it properly. Just hanging there, with the tension building in your back body already creates a problem because you are setting yourself to get tired quickly. If you feel like you lack strength, a great way to work on it is to do dumbbell rows, which directly affect your pulling strength and are easier to perform. A proper deadhang will improve your mobility throughout thepull up movement, and moving correctly is the key to doing this exercise right.


When you start doing your pull ups, no matter how many reps, you’ll want to think about what kind of a pull up you want to do. Naturally, some are more difficult than others, but you will be able to decide very quickly what seems adequate to your fitness and strength level. When it comes to jumping pull ups, truth be told, they aren’t very efficient as they won’t really enhance your strength. If you are thinking about banded pull ups, these can be quite good for you, but you shouldn’t slack while doing them. This means no fidgeting and finding ways to go through your workout without doing all the work. After all, you’re exercising for yourself.

Ring rows look simultaneously exciting and dangerous, especially if you’re not very certain about your upper body strength. You’ll want to take it easy with ring rows as they are both very efficient and challenging, and you should pace yourself. The main goal of ring rows is to get your body parallel to the ground as if you’re sitting, with your arms at the sides of your body. You’re basically lifting all your body weight and working with it every moment you spend off the ground. This is not easy, but the results are very telling.

One more important piece of advice is to focus as much as possible, meaning that you should work one of the factors for a good pull up at a time. Work in a way that helps you feel more assured and aware of your body. Maybe you should break it down into different days, so one day you work on your strength and the next on your resistance and mobility. Whatever you do, make it work for you and always leave some room for tweaking.

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