This 25-Year-Old Is Changing The Definition Of An Excellent Fitness Studio For Millenials


Meet Sadie Kurzban, a 25-year old who founded the club 305 Fitness, and is actively innovating the notion of being a successful fitness instructor. She started giving fitness lesons while she was an undergraduate student for a mere $5. Now she is the boss in a $32 per class boutique studio, and it seems the sky is the limit for this young woman.

The idea behind the 305 Fitness isn’t mainly about shrinking yourself, but about becoming more positive – both physically and mentally. She also claims that beauty standards have changed and that the workout programmes used by older instructors are not as perfect for millenials as one might think.

Also, Kurzban is not only focused on the physical aspect of training. If you want to shed some pounds, yes, she will give you a butt-smacking regime that will help you lose half your weight in a matter of months. But if you want a raise, or a date with that unbelievably hot girl/guy, she’s going to shout at you and motivate you until you achieve your goals.

Sounds like something everyone should try – if anything, it’s nice when somebody shouts at you how awesome you are.

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