The Truth About Arsenic In Rice


Rice has always been a very important and popular food, especially for people who are working out and trying to eat healthy. 

It is a healthy food that is also filling and provides a lot of energy. But some new news about rice has made people start to worry and wonder if they should stop eating it entirely.

Namely, over the past few months, studies revealed that there are trace amounts of arsenic found in foods, especially  rice. Rice absorbs more arsenic from the soil than most other foods like grains, fruits and vegetables. That is simply because it is a more absorbent food in general.

And even though the FDA has confirmed that there is some arsenic in much of the rise that is being produced, it should not be dangerous to eat rice in moderation.

The FDA has confirmed that rice can be safely consumed in a varied diet by everyone, and that even pregnant women can feel free to eat it without worrying about any potential health problems.

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