The IIFYM Diet – Your Friend Or Foe?


Since it’s Monday, it’s time for us here at Fitness Viking to shed some light on some nutrition tips you haven’t heard of before. Today, we’re dealing with the IIFYM diet. IIFYM is a diet that consists of eating whatever you feel like, as long as you meet your daily prescribed requirement of carbs, proteins and fats – too good to be true?

Maybe not, but what exactly is IIFYM? No, it’s not a scientific acronym in discrete mathematics, it actually stands for “If It Fits Your Macros,” where “macro” is short for “macro nutrient,” of which there are four: proteins, carbohydrates, fat, and alcohol. Fiber is also considered to be a macro by some, as it’s one of the components of carbohydrates.

Basically, when following the IIFYM diet, the types of foods you consume and the amount of meals you have per day start mattering much less than in standardized diets. IIFYM diet followers claim that if you meet your daily macros, your diet will be a success, disregarding whether they came from beef jerky and corn, or protein shakes and cookies.

Although there are many who consider this diet to be completely bogus, Jennifer Case, a life-long athlete who received her Ph.D. in Nutrition from Kansas State University says:

IIFYM, if not the most optimal dieting strategy, is certainly a good start, and will yield significant results if done properly.

Stay tuned until next Monday, when we will tell you how to calculate your macros, and then we will proceed with explaining each macro in detail. Until then, fellow athletes, we salute you!

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