The Best Post-Workout Smoothie You Will Ever Try


The period right after your workout is one of the most crucial if you want to achieve results. Cooling down properly, stretching and rehydration are a must if you want to work out like a pro. Also, you need to replenish the nutrients that your body spent during the work out.

One of the best ways to do this is by making yourself a great post-workout smoothie and we have an idea for you.

The smoothie contains sweet potato for its incredible non-starchy carbohydrate content. It will help your body replace muscle glycogen that you lose during your workout. It also contains flaked almonds and chia seeds which provide protein which is essential for post-workout muscle repair. These are particularly important if your workouts are high intensity ones.

Oranges and lemons are also included in the recipe because of the high levels of vitamin C found in them. Also, they give the smoothie its flavor. The final ingredient in your post-workout smoothie is coconut water which is there for the hydration.

You can modify the recipe to your liking, but the ingredients basically go like this: two oranges, one apple, juice from half a lemon, one sweet potato, a handful of flaked almonds, 400 ml of coconut water and one tablespoon of chia seeds.

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