The Benefits Of Interval Training

It is good for your heart

Long slow runs do hardly anything to wake up your heart. As a result your heart can very contentedly tick away at just over its normal pace. On the other hand a higher intensity interval workout will truly raise your heartbeat. In the long run you will be much fitter because a stronger heart can keep going longer.

Customizing Your Interval Training Routine

The standard kind of interval training has 3 different variables. They are exercise, recovery, and repetition. For instance, you might do 10 repetitions of 2 minute jogging, having a 1 minute recovery time for each repetition. Try out this simple routine on your own and gradually adjust it to be easier or harder depending on your needs by changing any one these 3 variables.

A more advanced kind of interval training is known as pyramid interval training. In this type of interval training the workout times aren’t fixed, but rather start short and increase as you get to the middle of your workout then gradually decrease at the end of your workout.

The middle of your workout will be the most intense. As an example, you could start with 1 minute of jogging with a 1 minute recovery time, then 2 minutes of jogging with a 1 minute recovery time, then 3 minutes of jogging with a 1 minute recovery time, then 4 minutes of jogging with a 1 minute recovery time and go back down as you finish your workout.  The pyramid system really works quite well.

At the middle of your exercise time your muscles are warmer and you exercise at the most efficient rate. Also when you have reached the middle of your workout you’ve crossed that mental barrier and every repetition seems easier, which means you are not as likely to stop.

If you’d like to get buff, build strength, and get even more fit, interval training can help you to achieve all 3 of these goals.       

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