Study Suggests Sunshine Could Help Keep You Thin


A study in mice suggests that when exposed to more UV light, you will be able to slow down the process of gaining weigh, especially as you get older.

In this study, the mice that received more sunshine also showed fewer warning signs related to diabetes, such as high glucose levels and insulin resistance.

Scientists are now working to confirm whether the same can be said for humans who get out in the sun more. In the research project, mice were overfed. Some of the test group mice were given extra exposure to UV light, and according to the findings, these mice gained weight at a slower rate than the mice that did not receive any additional UV lights.

The benefits of the UV lights are tied to the nitric oxide compound, which is released by the skin when it is exposed to sunlight. It was shown that applying a skin cream that contained nitric oxide to these overfed mice showed the same results.

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