Stretches For Your Sedentary Way Of Life

How many hours a day do you spend sitting, can you tell? If it’s more than two, chances are that you might be facing some serious health issues in the future, or even as you’re reading this. Most of us don’t really think that leading a sedentary lifestyle can have such a negative effect on our health but the truth is that it most certainly can.

From obesity to serious cardiovascular problems, a sedentary lifestyle does in fact change our quality of life significantly – and not for the better. This is why it’s important to do all we can to prevent some medical conditions such as osteoporosis or elevated blood pressure, which are closely connected to the bad positions of our bodies while we’re sitting down.

Many studies suggest that the simplest way to keep your body healthy – even when you’re sitting down most of the day – is to move as much as possible. Even if you can’t leave your work desk for longer periods of time to go for a walk or a jog, you can still move in your seat while working. Interestingly, fidgeting is natural for some people, so you can see them adjusting in their seats quite often. Stretch your arms from time to time, keep yourself in check when it comes to your posture (when your back is straight, your abs are working) and make sure to get up at least once every hour.

There are also some stretches that are worth doing when you’re feeling stiff and uncomfortable. These are typical yoga stretches and though they look simple enough, they will do wonders for your whole body, not to mention that you will burn a few extra calories if you do these a couple of times a day. It may look strange to other coworkers, but chances are that they will join you instead of laughing because after all, you are all working in the same environment.


Rotation Lunges are excellent for your spine because they help spine expansion. They also work on keeping your body straight, which is their primary role. This exercise will help you work both your shoulders and your legs as it combines leg work with arm rotation. The procedure is simple – extend your leg into a lunge, get your hands next to your lunging foot and open your chest by reaching with the arm that’s farther away from the foot toward the ceiling. You might hear some crackling noise, which is good.

The Cobra Exercise is one of the best-known yoga stretches around, and it’s quite easy to do, even if you’re in your business suit. Lie down facing the floor, place your hands near your shoulders and use them as a support to rise up so that your chest is in the air while your legs are straight on the ground. The position resembles the one of a cobra when preparing for an attack. Make sure to keep your neck extended and breathe.

Turn Into A Number 4 or a seated pigeon position, as yogis call it. This is an exercise that comes in handy both when you’ve done some running and if your bottom feels numb from all the sitting. This is another simple one, but it will require some leg flexibility, so take it slowly. Place your right ankle on your left thigh, straighten your back and use your hands to slowly push your right knee a bit lower as you bend forward.

The Star Stretch Or The Mountain Pose is probably the simplest move that you can do to make your body feel better, but it’s still quite efficient when it comes to the much-needed stretching of your back. Stand straight with your legs little wider than your shoulders and raise your hands over your head with the palms facing the ceiling.

Shoulder Openers are a must because of all the hunching we do over our computers, which can result in serious back, shoulder, and neck pain. For this exercise, you need to get up, hold a belt or a rope behind your back with your hands and raise it for as long as it feels good.

The Supported Backbend can be somewhat of a challenge, but it gets easier with time. Stand in front of a wall facing away from it. Put your arms over your head, slowly start bending backward, with your hands on the wall to support you. Ease your way down for as long as it feels possible for you and don’t forget to breathe deep, it will help.


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