Ski Workers Required To Take Fitness Tests


About 1,500 ski instructors, lift operators and ski patrollers at Aspen Skiing Co. will have to take fitness tests starting October 1.

Previously, those tests were required only from new employees, not returning employees.

It is part of a wellness initiative to encourage health and fitness, and to reduce workplace injuries, according to Jim Laing, Skico vice president of human resources and retail operations.

The fitness test has eight components, which change depending on department. For example, ski patrollers have a repetitive weight lifting drill.

Laing said:

“I think there’s a full range of perceptions over this,”

The reaction probably follows a classic bell curve, with most employees in the middle. They don’t mind taking them and will likely pass with varying degrees of preparation, he expects.

A small number of employees won’t give the test a second thought and will be able to pass it easily just by following their fitness and outdoor regimens, he said.

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