Safe Running At Odd Hours

2. Visibility

Be seen. While most people don’t want to draw attention to their sweaty selves mid-workout, it is best that people are able to see you when you are out running at odd hours. Dark colors are not recommended.

Even if the chosen route is riddled with streetlights, it is safest to wear bright colors.

Especially if the route takes you down poorly-lit streets, you should also wear a reflective vest or strap; the reflective patches on shoes are helpful but not ideal since they are so low to the ground. Reflective vests will help headlights pick runners up from a distance so that they can steer clear.

When at all possible, you should choose a well-lit route so that you can see (limiting injuries from potholes and other environmental dangers) and be seen.

3. Hear a horn

Leave the headphones at home. It’s very rare in today’s day and age to see people working out without their headphones.

However, running alone with these diminishes a runner’s ability to hear a car horn, an animal preparing to attack, or a potential assailant coming from behind. You should always be well-aware of your surroundings, which means using your hearing to pick up on potential safety threats.

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