Safe Running At Odd Hours

Many people don’t have the time to go running in the middle of the day thanks to work schedules, a kid’s school, or a simple desire to work out during a cooler time of day.

However, running early in the morning or late at night carries inherent risks. Some people rationalize this by thinking that they can outrun anyone that tries to attack them or that they are in a safe neighborhood.

The fact of the matter is that danger is everywhere. There is no need to be scared though, and there’s no reason to start running with a can of mace or a gun.

With these helpful and easy tips, anyone can go running at any odd hour and still feel safe while exercising.

1. Right direction

Run in the right places in the right direction.When running, go against traffic. While it’s annoying to look straight into people’s headlights, you will be safer because you’re able to see anyone coming towards you, limiting the chances of drivers hitting you or attackers catching you off-guard.

By running towards vehicles, drivers can see runners from a longer distance and react to their presence. Also, you should stay on the sidewalks. They were created to keep pedestrians away from traffic.

As a runner, you will be further away from cars and trucks, making you less likely to be hit or snatched.

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