Pump ‘Em Shoulder Workout

When it comes to shoulders, let’s face it, they can never too big or too wide. If you can fit through doorways, your shoulders are simply not big enough, just admit it. Now, all joking aside, working the shoulders has always been one of the primary goals no matter what kind of fitness or weightlifting level you are striving to achieve. Here is a workout that will help you take your game to another level.

This workout is mainly aimed at beginners, it is gender friendly and you should do it once a week. This is for building muscles in your shoulder area, and for starters, let’s lay it out for you.


Rotator Warmup  

Naturally, first you have to get the blood flowing, and for this you can use fitness bands. You should wrap them around something that will hold your pull. After you’ve got both ends of the bands in your hand, bend your arm at ninety degrees, that way your upper arm will be horizontal to the floor. Pull your bands up, toward the ceiling, and then slowly come back to the starting position. Do 3 series of up to 25 reps, with thirty seconds of rest in between each series.


Do Your Barbell Press Standing

Many people actually do this while in a sitting position, but getting up will make all the difference. What you need to do is have a wide grip when you take the bar and a stable stance, after which you should take the bar and get it to the shoulders’ height. When you get there, get some additional energy from your legs and hips and push the bar overhead. Make sure NOT to lock out your arms, because that will accentuate your triceps, and it should be all about the shoulders. So, keep away from the lockout and then slowly, with control start returning the bar to the starting position. In case you can’t really control the bar, use less weight. Make sure to do five series of five repetitions, and take two-minute rests.


The Nefarious 21s

Chances are, you already know what the 21s are, so we won’t get into the philosophy behind them. This part of the workout focuses on your lateral head, one at a time.

When you grab hold of something solid, like a wall, do your first seven reps, but be sure to only do the lower part of the lift, don’t pull the dumbbell all the way up. After this, do the other seven reps using the full range of motion with your arm. The third seven reps you should do by focusing on the upper part of the lift, so pick your dumbbell up only halfway down and then get it back up. Make sure not to swing the dumbbell around just so that it’s easier for you, that is not the solution, rather lower the weight. When you’re done with 21 reps, go to the other arm and repeat all of the above. Do three series of 21s taking a ninety second break.


Twisty Lateral Raises

Now this isn’t just a lateral raise, it has a twist to it as well. First make sure to use lighter weights to get accustomed to this exercise, because it mainly focuses on your rare deltoids, and you shouldn’t let the energy slip away to your traps at the end of set, so pay attention. Turn your palms away from you, slightly bend the elbows, take the dumbbells from your sides and lift so that at the top of the movement your pinkies are facing the ceiling. Hold it there for a couple of seconds and then release slowly to the starting position. Once you get a hang of doing lateral raises this way, you can do up to three series of fifteen reps, making sure to pause ninety seconds between the sets.


Final Round Superset

The good news is that you’ve only got one more exercise to do. The not so good news is that it’s going to be a superset. Take your barbell in a hold that is in the width of your shoulders. So first you will do a front raise up to your shoulders’ height, hold it there for a second, and then return to the starting position. As soon as you come back to the start, do an upright row. These two moves together are a rep. You need to do three series of twenty reps, with one minute recovery.  It will burn like hell, but it will be worth it.

This workout will give you more than visible results after eight weeks of training. You hit the whole of your deltoid and it will definitely show in time, no mistake.

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