Old School Workout From The 70’s


2. T-bar rows

This multi-joint exercise is essential for increasing the strength of your entire upper body. What’s more, t-bar rows also put just enough emphasis on other body parts. Basically, with t-bar rows, it’s your back and shoulders that will feel the most punch – the t-bar targets the middle of your back, seeing as it positions the resistance through the center of the body.

Although they are usually performed with a barbell with a V-handle attachment nowadays, things used to be different some time ago. People did t-bars in any way imaginable, as long as they were aiming at the preferred muscle groups – the back, the biceps, the shoulders and the abs.

For instance, wrestling legend Ric Drasin explains how they jammed the end of an Olympic bar into a corner of the room, and then switched off their hands, gripping the bar one arm in front of the other and switching them each set. Four sets were quite enough, although variations were not uncommon. Just remember, don’t let your back lose alignment – always make sure to have proper posture.

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