MC10 Creates Wearable Diagnostic Sensor For Athletes


The newest addition to the market of wearable gadgets, MC10 delivers BioStamp, a tiny, flat sensor that can be placed anywhere on the body and is virtually unnoticeable.

However, its performance is everything but unnoticeable. The tiny sensor measures a wide range of features and gathers the data so it can be analyzed and used accordingly.

For example, it can be used to see whether you have had enough sleep or if you are drinking enough water. Not only that, it can show you just when you have over exerted yourself, which protects you from injuries, which is, of course, amazing.

MC10’s BioStamp will also be able to provide information that will help you in the healing and recovery process after experiencing injuries.

Remember, so far the only way to know if we have healed was to subjectively estimate how we felt, which is not very reliable. We are sure that both pro athletes and us regular people will benefit from these features and everyone should be looking forward to trying this new gadget out.

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