Instantly Lift More Weight With This Insightful Approach


After making really good progress in the gym, you might have noticed that you experience a plateau period. You don’t know why, but you just can’t seem to keep moving forward the same way you were previously able to, you can’t throw any more weight on the bar or even worse, you feel you’re actually getting weaker.

This can be incredibly demoralizing for a lot of people and even makes some folks quit. However, this is a normal occurrence in weight-training and it is something that happens to all of us at some point, for various reasons. What you should do in those circumstances is not give up, but rather question if you’re doing the exercises correctly. A certain way of doing a lift might work until you reach a certain weight, but then as the challenge increases, only at that moment can you realize that you’ve been doing it wrong.

That being said, a YouTuber by the name of Alan Thrall approaches one such issue in an innovative fashion. He suggests that the way most people approach weightlifting is completely wrong. Namely, when lifting, the first thought everyone has is just to “lift the weight.” The objective of the exercise is to move the weight in a certain direction. And that’s fine, for a while.

But what Alan suggests is that we change the way we visualize doing these exercises and think of them as “two-directional efforts.” In other words, when doing a squat, don’t just think about lifting the barbell up, but also use your feet to drive some force into the ground, as if you want to push the floor away. When bench pressing, think about pushing the barbell away from you, as well as using the back to push the bench away.

According to Alan, thinking of lifting in such a manner will enable you to utilize much more of your strength and you will be able to lift more weight. It makes sense because you are essentially exerting multidirectional forces when lifting (third law of motion, anyone?). By visualizing this, you’re teaching your body to use more of its potential. For greater detail on everything discussed in this article, be sure to check out Alan’s video, the guy’s a pro and very insightful.

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