How To Train Like An MMA Fighter


Mixed martial arts is the most brutal and competitive form of martial arts in the world. A sport where anything goes and almost anything can be used to completely incapacitate your opponent and come out victorious. Naturally, this requires great strength, dexterity, stamina, and willpower.

A successful MMA fighter has to be able to throw powerful punches and kicks¬†and absorb the impact from even more powerful punches and kicks while having enough endurance to be able to perform at a high level for five rounds, each lasting for five minutes. That’s twenty-five minutes of maximum intensity activity with just a few breaks. The concept of your training program has to be such as to bolster all of these attributes because they’re all equally important if you want to be a versatile fighter.

If you’re serious about taking on MMA, you should find a good workout routine and stick to it rigorously. There are a lot of experienced MMA fighters willing to share the wisdom they’ve earned trying to tackle and master this martial art. And while it doesn’t really matter which training program you follow as there is no BEST training program, there are always some things that you should keep in mind when choosing one.

Do Not Take Risks In The Gym

Don’t mistake your gym for the ring. The ring is where you take risks, and the gym is there to prepare you for them. Know your limits and push your boundaries, but not to the point of injury. If your knees start to hurt during a deadlift or you feel a sudden back pain, it’s time to take a break and maybe even talk to a doctor. Countless athletes have been struck down in their prime because of a debilitating injury due to carelessness. Learn from their mistakes and don’t be one of them.

Don’t Overdo It With Strength And Conditioning

Remember, you’re training to be a fighter. While strength and conditioning are obviously essential, don’t overdo strength training. It doesn’t mean squat if you can bench-press 500 lbs today if you’re too sore to throw a punch tomorrow.

Keep It Simple

This goes especially for strength training. There’s no need to complicate things beyond the basic deadlift, overhead squat, bench press, pull up etc. You need to build adequate strength, but you aren’t a bodybuilder or a strongman. You’re going for functional strength so that you can throw a powerful punch or kick.

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