How To Sleep Better Without Supplements

1. Cut back on caffeine

One of the first things is to check your caffeine intake. While everyone knows that caffeine causes wakefulness, some people don’t realize that just a little bit is all it takes. There are some people that will be up all night if they have one cup of coffee too many, or drink it in the early afternoon. You need to figure out how sensitive you are to caffeine and start cutting back in the afternoons.

2. Regular physical activity

Getting regular exercise is another thing that helps us to sleep. We were made to move every day, and get our blood going, but many of us sit at a desk all day and work. Without any kind of exertion, your muscles don’t get the stretching they need and your blood isn’t forced to circulate properly. This can lead to toxins building up in the body, which can cause poor sleep. You don’t have to go to the gym each day; a short walk is all it takes to improve your sleep.

3. Turn off the TV

Something many people don’t think about is the fact that TV is the mortal enemy of sleep. If you have a TV in your room, get it out. Don’t watch TV before you go to bed, preferably for a couple hours. TV gets your mind all worked up and if you watch it too close to bedtime it can keep your brain stimulated for hours. When your brain is stimulated, it isn’t sleeping.

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